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Are You Asia Ambitious?

Perhaps you are an experiential tour operator, or a unique accommodation provider, or a destination brimming with culture, adventure and rare experiences. You are well established in mature markets like North America and Europe, and ready to expand to the Asian market, to tap into its developing adventure travel market wanting to explore new destinations.

Do you know where to start?

Asia has long been a key source market for mainstream destinations and experiences around the world. Now, a robust market of travellers from Asia are looking beyond the masses for enriching travel experiences that take them deep into the soul of a region.

But given the size and scope of the Asia adventure traveller market, the vastly different cultures, needs, languages and sheer geographic scale, gaining a foothold in this market is overwhelming to most.

This is how we can help

The bottom line is, you are a successful travel provider who knows what it takes to reach new audiences and deliver an exceptional travel experience. You just need some expertise, connections and guidance to reach this new market. As experts in the Asia adventure market, this is how we can help you reach these travellers:

  • Our expertise: Through our extensive work with Outbound Tour Operators in Asia, our research into the travel behaviours of Asian adventure travellers and our Asia Adventure Traveller Trainings, we have honed an expertise of the specific demands and desires of this demographic
  • Our relationships: With our offices in Hong Kong and years living and working in the adventure space in Asia, we have built an impressive network of the right contacts, be they outbound tour operators in the adventure and experiential space, travel journalists looking for unique stories, government decision makers, and travel affiliations

What We Do

  • Training: ‘Asian Adventure Traveller Market Readiness’. Getting your experience to the point where it both appeals to Asian adventure travellers, and most importantly, delivers on expectations
    – Who is the Asian Adventure Traveller
    – Activities & Destinations that Appeal to the particular traveller set
    – Sales Funnel for Asian Adventure Travellers
  • Market Entry Strategy. Bannikin offers market entry strategies to clients interested in expanding to North American and Asian. Following an examination of your current product and marketing efforts, we provide a 360 degree review of business potential in your selected market. Including a demand and competitive analysis allowing you to understand your place in the market. Market entry strategies provide insight into:
    – Opportunities and challenges of entering the new market
    – The scope of the opportunity, including market size and KPIs your business can expect to move by pursuing the market
    – Competitor analysis and a detailed SWOT analysis of your company’s current position

Our Partner

  • Bannikin is partnered with 40urs – a media company with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. Together, we create trade and consumer campaigns for the Asian Adventure Market. Visit their website at: 

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