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You are an emerging destination, experiential travel company or boutique accommodations provider. You're passionate about your part of the world and your business, but you know there’s more than can be done to elevate what you do. You just need the right people with the right expertise to help get you there.

What Do You Need?

As a tour operator or accommodations provider maybe you’re an owner-operated business interested in growing and spreading the word about your trips, but you’re not sure how. Maybe this is your first time selling to the North American travel market. Or maybe you’re looking to target emerging markets, like active, adventure and millennial travellers or under-represented groups.

As a destination, maybe you are a new team looking to gain some insight into what today’s travellers need. Or maybe you want to find out who the right buyers are. You know you have great infrastructure to develop culinary, cycling, or hiking experiences, but could use some help getting all the moving pieces together and getting the word out. Perhaps you are a growing destination, but you want to make sure your next steps support a regenerative travel model. Maybe you have had success with your strategic tourism development, but aren’t sure how to keep the momentum going, or what to do next.

How We Can Help

The bottom line is, you know your business, destination and its operations best. We’re here to offer expertise on how to maximize your resources. Tour operators and destinations like to work with us for the following reasons:


  • Your limited resources – When you can’t hire in-house, we become an extension of your team, bringing a breadth of unmatched expertise.
  • Our relationships – With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, we have built an impressive network of international contacts. These contacts, whether media or industry, are integral to help you reach your goals.
  • Our expertise – We have the specialized industry knowledge you need. Our team’s background in operations, branding, journalism, and regenerative travel can help to provide the expertise you and your team need.

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