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A collection of small inbound tour operators providing experiential adventure travel in India, China, Peru, Croatia, and Sri Lanka.

Trade Relations & Product Development

The Company

PureQuest Adventures


The Situation

In April 2012, after 12 months of operation, PureQuest Adventures decided that it was time to expand its market share in North America.

PureQuest secured Bannikin as its North American sales representative. With a strict focus on business-to-business (B2B) relations, Bannikin analyzed PureQuest’s existing positioning, local expertise, sales collateral, travel experiences, and client outreach activity. Tasked with the goal of expanding PureQuest’s presence and sales in the North American adventure tour market, we set the following targets:

  • To secure relationships between PureQuest and North American outbound tour operators
  • To enhance PureQuest’s marketing efforts by providing direct advising support to its regional teams
  • To develop seamless itineraries that meet market-appropriate service standards

What We Did

With our multi-faceted approach to getting PureQuest in front of key North American targets, we created new, unique travel programs; developed the website content and conducted a complete website overhaul; organized four trade FAM trips in Croatia, India, and China; and represented PureQuest at key trade shows globally. Using our strong network of contacts, we also set up several successful sales trips in key markets across North America.


The Results


Increased Sales

PureQuest’s sales have increased exponentially since working with Bannikin. Bannikin has consistently exceeded annual sales targets set by PureQuest by an average of 20%.



For the past two years, Bannikin has been successful at turning PureQuest Adventures into a premier supplier for several top-tier outbound tour operators in North America, securing 11 FIT and Group Departure clients. Almost 50% are now repeat clients and some are considered legacy clients for PureQuest, ensuring sales year after year.



PureQuest China, one of the five destinations in the company’s roster, has been invited to Pure Life Experiences, a luxury invite-only trade show in Marrakech, Morocco, for the second year in a row.

Bannikin helped us spearhead the North American adventure travel market with their knowledge and network of contacts, growing our sales from the ground up and building a great reputation amongst our targets. Their ability to navigate the waters of niche travel is unrivalled in this awesome industry.

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