Covid-19 Update: January Round-Up

Bannikin | February 2, 2021

Global gov’ts react to new variant; tourism forges ahead with future plans

Welcome to our January media and communications newsletter, a comprehensive roundup of travel- and coronavirus-related developments affecting our industry at large.

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What the media is saying…

Vox — The new utopia
Snippet: For a certain jet-setting sect, wide-open spaces with views, few Covid-19 cases, and the freedom to go maskless are all the rage. But who pays the price?

The Globe and Mail — In 2021, let’s work toward the end of ‘toxic’ travel and the start of ‘slow’ travel
Snippet: We can use the pause in global jet-setting brought on by Covid-19 to rethink and reset our habits as tourists, moving toward travel that is thoughtful, intentional and, most importantly, infrequent. Travel should be viewed as a privilege, not insofar as it should be prohibitively expensive, but rather in that people should consider the social and environmental costs of their trips, and act accordingly.

Time — Tourists are returning to Cancún. But workers’ fears about Covid-19 never went away
Snippet: Even as tourists begin flooding in, often escaping a raging pandemic back home, Covid-19 remains a crippling crisis for the waiters, housekeepers, chauffeurs and others here who depend on tourism, with many losing their jobs, their family or even their lives because of the deadly disease.

Travel Courier — Six tour operators share insights into how they are adapting to survive… and eventually thrive
Snippet: Travel executives with Collette, Exodus Travels, Globus family of brands, Tauck, The Travel Corporation and Outer Shores Expeditions weigh in on how they are persevering through the many challenges brought on by the pandemic and gearing up for the future of travel.

Travel Weekly — Operators train their sights on some slow-travel options
Snippet: With travelers expected to embrace more immersive and so-called “slow travel” experiences post-pandemic, luxury operators continue to add more options for exploring Europe and North America by rail.

Conde Nast Traveler — Travelers are flocking outdoors, but trekking guides are still struggling
Snippet: Staying at home is still the only way to mitigate all Covid-19 risks, but guides can demonstrate how to be as safe as possible if you do decide to head into the wilderness. That guardian-type role isn’t going to change because of Covid-19. It is more important than ever.

The Globe and Mail — Travel industry concerns about overtourism give way to worries over pandemic’s undertourism paradox
Snippet: The worry is that once travel picks up again, places starved for revenue will desperately try to lure tourists back without addressing how to regulate the industry. But some organizations are using this time to rethink old models and develop tourism economies that will be more sustainable for the environment and the locals who call popular destinations home.

CNN — The tourists who believe travel restrictions don’t apply to them
Snippet: In the pandemic, facts cannot be tailored. It seems that some people are behaving in a manner that would suggest they are switching off to the facts — believing that it will not happen to them and that only the most vulnerable are at risk. What’s more, according to one travel industry expert, the lack of coherency on travel restrictions across the globe doesn’t help.

Travel Weekly — The industry faces a cancellation conundrum
Snippet: “Will I get my money back if I can’t travel?” This is undoubtedly among the most asked questions travel consultants heard in 2020. And the question keeps popping up in 2021. For a tourism industry in tatters, the debacle around refunds is a tough challenge.

Conde Nast Traveler — How Iceland Is Rethinking Tourism for the Long Haul
Snippet: Iceland has a New Year’s resolution. After a 10-month pause in tourism due to global lockdowns, the country is preparing for a new era of outdoor adventure—one that locals are hoping is more sustainable than before.

Consumer Conversations…

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What made us smile this month…

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