It’s a Brand Team-Up: Aqua Expeditions & Bannikin

Bannikin | January 14, 2021

We’ve been talking about branding a lot these past few months. And now we’ve teamed up with Aqua Expeditions to take a closer look at their luxury small-ship expedition brand in our upcoming branding videos. We’re also awarding one Bannikin Branding Newsletter subscriber with a $500 future travel credit with Aqua Expeditions!

The winner can use the credit for their own booking with Aqua Expeditions, or gift to a client to apply to a future travel booking. Sign-up for the newsletter by January 31, 2021 and you’ll automatically be entered to win. If you’re already a subscriber, then you’re already entered!

The Aqua Expeditions brand is highly recognized and respected throughout the industry and we felt they would be an exemplary brand to explore a little deeper in our branding video series. And, since we haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with them previously, there’s no potential Bannikin bias in showcasing this awesome brand. We simply recognize a strong brand strategy when we see it!


In today’s world, travel is the most prized of aspirations and the idea of escaping to far flung, exotic destinations with our nearest and dearest sounds like an impossible dream – but not with Aqua Expeditions. The recognized global leader in luxury small-ship expeditions, Aqua Expeditions explores the world’s most wildlife- and culture-rich destinations aboard best-in-class vessels of stylish contemporary design.

Since founding and starting Aqua Expeditions 13 years ago, it has been the vision and mission Francesco Galli Zugaro, to create intimate, small ship expeditions to distant parts of the world.

Now, more than ever, access is the new measure of luxury. What Aqua Expeditions has stood for since the very beginning comes to the forefront, demonstrating the advantages of small explorer vessels in bringing families and friends on travels to remote destinations with minimized human interaction, secluded from crowds. Aqua Expeditions currently operates river explorations on the Amazon (Peru), the Mekong (Cambodia and Vietnam), and coastal yacht voyages to Komodo National Park, Ambon and the Spice Islands, as well as Raja Ampat (East Indonesia). Its fourth vessel, the Aqua Nera, makes its maiden voyage in April 2021 in the Peruvian Amazon.

Aqua Expeditions’ cutting-edge vessels stand out for their sophisticated luxurious contemporary design aesthetic combined with a strong sense of place and immaculate attention to detail. Each vessel has been custom-designed by renowned interior designers like yacht specialists Cor D. Rover, Jordi Puig and Studio Noor in collaboration with CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro and Guest Experience Director Birgit Galli Zugaro to tastefully integrate its destination’s history, arts and culture by using locally sourced fabrics, refined materials, custom-made porcelain, and unique objects of desire. Every suite and social space onboard are conceptualized with modern luxury and ultimate comfort in mind. Generously sized contemporary-designed suites are limited to 15 to 20 cabins so as to allow the design of larger social areas for our guests’ benefit. The ample personal and public spaces provide constant safe social distancing among passengers and crew.

Health and safety are Aqua Expeditions’ number one priority for guests and crew alike. All vessels comply with the health and safety standards of the International Safety Management (ISM), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

With specially-curated experiences and an engaging 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, our boutique expedition vessels offer personalized service and tailor-made excursions.

Each Aqua Expeditions itinerary has been exclusively designed to offer an abundance of ‘wow’ moments, from serene sundowners watching Amazonian pink dolphins, a spiritual blessing from a Buddhist monk along the Mekong, or an impromptu swim with whale sharks in the East Indonesian waters. Diverse adventures combined with a cultural immersion into the regions’ rich heritage and traditions, ensure once-in-a-lifetime, meaningful experiences on every journey.

Each Aqua Expeditions voyage offers world-class cuisine led by award-winning consulting chefs who artfully crafted menus from unique combinations and recipes using the finest of locally-sourced ingredients.

Aqua Expeditions has established responsible and eco-friendly operational procedures to protect the natural environments where we sail. At the very heart of Aqua Expeditions is its commitment to the people, wildlife and environments – educating all involved to preserve the magic of these awe-inspiring regions, for years to come. Aqua Expeditions is paving the way for more sustainable cruising, which shines the spotlight on acting responsibly as global citizens, without compromising on our boutique, luxury offering.

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