Finding Your Brand Voice

Zach Vanasse | January 29, 2021


In the 12th video in our Bannikin Branding & Storytelling series examining how you can make your brand work for you, Zach Vanasse, our manager of creative & branding, looks at how you can begin to find your brand voice.


What is a brand voice?

A brand’s voice is exactly what it sounds like; it’s the way your brand “speaks,” based on the vocabulary you choose and the overall “tone” of your communications. It’s the personality and emotions you infuse into your content.

And it’s important that your brand voice feels authentic to your brand personality, otherwise a disconnect is created and a brand gap develops, thereby weakening your overall branding and inviting doubt about your brand’s authenticity.

To help you find your brand’s voice, it helps to go back to your brand persona, which was covered in video #7 in this series. By extracting the descriptors you used in developing your brand persona, you can identify the key traits your voice should be communicating and define some of the “dos and don’ts’ of each trait, as Zach demonstrates in the video.

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