Covid-19 Update: November

Bannikin | December 2, 2020

A new hope: The U.S. election and vaccine developments amid fresh shutdowns

Welcome to our November media and communications newsletter, designed to help you track travel- and coronavirus-related developments that continue to affect our industry at large.

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The month at a glance

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What the media is saying…

USA Today — Is it ethical to recommend travel while the world is in the grips of a second COVID-19 wave?
Snippet: The controversy opened my eyes to a travel industry fighting for survival and willing to do almost anything to get you traveling again – including possibly exposing you to a deadly virus. As it turns out, both sides of this debate make valid points. But you have to decide who’s right.

Travel Weekly — How the Covid vaccine news is fueling a new enthusiasm for travel
Snippet: Although the good news is tempered in part by spiking cases around the country, consumer response to the vaccine news appears to both reflect high levels of pent-up demand and herald the nascent return of broad consumer confidence to travel.

National Post — Iceland wants to restart its tourism during the pandemic — but only for the wealthy 
Snippet: Earlier this month, Iceland quietly rolled out changes to its remote-work visa program for citizens beyond the European Schengen Area. Americans — and any foreign national not required to have a visa to enter Iceland — will be allowed to stay in the Land of Fire and Ice for six uninterrupted months, even while the country’s international borders remain largely shut.

Washington Post — How the lessons of 2020 may make travel better in the long run
Snippet: The pandemic is making travel better in many ways. It’s forced travel companies to introduce innovative contactless service. They have new booking procedures and a commitment to cleanliness and safety. Many of the positive changes appear to be here to stay.

Travel Weekly — From barges to gulets, small ships a big hit in the Covid era
Snippet: One of the most positive travel trends to emerge from Covid-19 has been the “RV effect.” But traveler responses to the pandemic are also creating a silver lining beyond recreational vehicle road trips and private villas to include yachts, river barges, schooners, even a renovated minesweeper.

SKIFT — This shot of optimism heard around the world
Snippet: For many parts of the U.S. travel industry, particularly the thousands of small businesses that inhabit every part of travel ecosystem, this may have come too late, but not everything is lost. The image of America that has been sullied over the last four years and the keepers of our country’s brand have a giant task ahead, but at least it is the start of the chance to rebuild again.