Creating Your Brand Triangle: What is a Brand Promise?

Zach Vanasse | December 17, 2020

don’t be the FYRE FESTIVAL

In this ninth video in our Bannikin Branding & Storytelling series examining how you can make your brand work for you, Zach Vanasse, our manager of creative & branding, finishes the construction of the brand triangle with the brand promise.

In our previous brand triangle videos, we first established the the rational attributes, the emotional benefits, the brand persona and the unique selling proposition/unique buying state.

As Zach explains in this video, the heavy lifting portion of defining a brand promise is done through the rational attributes and emotional benefits lists, the creation of the brand persona and in identifying a brand’s USP/USB.

The brand promise, the value or experience a brand’s consumers can expect to receive every single time they engage with the brand, represents the distillation of those pieces down to one concise promise your brand is making to consumers. A brand promise should also be distinct. If any other brand could use a brand’s brand promise, then it still needs some tinkering. This is where the UPS and UBS will come in handy.

More than anything, a brand promise needs to ring true and it needs to be verified by the experience the consumer will have when the engage with the brand.


You can have a brand that is the most charismatic, the most compelling and communicative, the most unique and absorbing, one that meets consumers exactly where they are and promises them exactly what they are looking for, but if their own experience with the brand doesn’t match your brand promise, all your incredible branding work falls apart in an instant. And consumers are far more likely to communicate to their social sphere about a bad brand experience than a good one. So make sure your brand can keep your brand promise.

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