The Skeleton Key To Unlocking Your Brand Content

Zach Vanasse | November 4, 2020


In this fourth video in our Bannikin Branding & Storytelling series examining how you can make your brand work for you, Zach Vanasse, our manager of creative & branding, shows you what tools you’ll need in order to get the most out of your brand.


In our previous “The Importance of Branding Guidelines” video, we outlined how establishing guidelines help keep your branding efforts headed in the right direction of your  “true north.” In this video, Zach asks you to think of those guidelines as your toolbox, with each of the pieces representing a different tool you’ll need to get the job done right.

However, to make them work most effectively, you will need one unifying tool, or a skeleton key, that unlocks their full potential: the content creative brief.

As we outline in this video, the content creative brief is the simple to create/easy-to-use tool that puts all the elements of your branding guidelines to work on whatever piece of branding content you are working to create. And anyone on your team can use it!

Kick-Start Your Creative

Trying to think up content like blog and social media posts or newsletters can be a challenge. Especially in a time crunch. But using a content creative brief can help you jump start your creative process by providing you with a target buyer, easily identifying the pieces of your brand that best appeal to the targeted buyer and highlighting the emotional benefits your brand can provide to them.

With those elements of your creative already sketched in, it becomes much easier to see what the content needs to say and how it should say it in order to build that much coveted emotional connection we’ve been discussing throughout the branding video series.

We will examine each of the individual pieces that make up the branding guidelines and feed into the content creative brief in future videos. Subscribe to the Bannikin Branding Newsletter to get the video series regularly delivered directly to your inbox, or follow along on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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