Creating Your Brand Triangle: Emotional Benefits

Zach Vanasse | November 26, 2020


In our sixth video in the Bannikin Branding & Storytelling series examining how you can make your brand work for you, Zach Vanasse, our manager of creative & branding, takes a look at the second level of your brand triangle; the critically important emotional benefits.



In our previous brand triangle video, we first established the base of the brand triangle: the rational attributes. In this video, we move one step up the triangle to the emotional benefits.

A brand’s emotional benefits speak to the intangible feelings, mood, state of mind and affections a consumer is expecting when they experience your product. (Remember, your brand is a series of promises and verifications).

While the rational attributes represent the characteristics that make up the brand experience, their application in concert with one another creates emotional reactions.

Emotions vs. Emotional Benefits

It’s important not to confuse emotional benefits with emotions. An emotion is how you feel, such as happy, sad, angry, etc. Emotional benefits are a little different. Writing for the Canadian Marketing Association, Glenn Livingston of Executive Solutions Inc., breaks it down like this; an emotional benefit is “something nice I can say about myself because I use your product or service.”

What’s in it for me?

In other words; what do people feel your brand does for them? What state of mind do they want to find themselves in while experiencing your brand?

Your consumer is asking: “What’s in it for me?”

In this video, we use some of Bannikin’s own emotional benefits to illustrate what constitutes an brand’s emotional benefit and highlight how you can create your own list to help forge valuable connections with your consumers.

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