The Importance of Branding Guidelines

Zach Vanasse | October 29, 2020

Be The North

Welcome to our Bannikin Branding & Storytelling video series examining how you can make your brand work for you. In the third video in the brand series our manager of creative & branding, Zach Vanasse, takes a look at why branding guidelines are important to keeping your brand on the right path.

In this branding video, Zach suggests that it’s helpful to think of your brand goals as your “true north” and the branding guidelines as a compass that ensures you consistently move in the right direction towards those brand goals.

Without brand guidelines, your brand runs the risk of drifting away from your desired brand over time, or as different team members become involved in the branding process and content creation. By establishing a set of easy-to-understand parameters around your brand, you can help ensure everyone is moving in the same desired direction.

We also note that it’s important to not focus too much on the specific wording and vocabulary of your branding. While vocabulary are undoubtedly valuable in delivering effective branding, too often businesses tend to over emphasize the inclusion of prescribed wording and language, rather than focusing on working to make sure the central ideas are most effectively communicated. It helps to keep in mind that that good branding is received emotionally, rather than intellectually.

Branding Guidelines

  • Brand pillars
  • Key branding messages
  • Brand triangle: rational attributes, emotional benefits, brand persona, USP / UBS, brand promise
  • Buyer personas
  • Brand story
  • Brand tone of voice

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