Covid-19 Update: June 17

Bannikin | June 17, 2020

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Welcome to our 13th media and communications newsletter, designed to help you track travel- and coronavirus-related developments that continue to affect our industry at large.

This week, the global movement against systemic racism and inequity called the travel industry to task, and various countries have continued to loosen their restrictions, ushering in a summer of travel that is anything but certain.

Across the globe, travellers are being required to wear face masks and undergo temperature checks, though rules change at each border – with a new outbreak in Beijing and a revival of the virus in New Zealand re-igniting fears of a second wave.

Meanwhile, Mexico, a country which relies heavily on tourism, is easing the lockdown in its capital city and welcoming visitors back to its famous resort areas despite swells in COVID-19 cases – harkening back to our concerns for an industry that prides itself on trust and expertise, yet is also often influenced by geopolitics.

COVID-19 has shed light on long-buried inequalities within the travel industry, from economies – and individuals – most affected by the pandemic to the systemic and unequal makeup of our companies. As the travel industry continues to push forward in the name of “resiliency” in a post-pandemic world, it’s unclear who is meant to be benefitting from the lauded “new normals” of tourism, and who has been left out of the conversation.

Below is our weekly roundup of news, expert insights and food for thought about what has been happening in the travel industry this week. If you can’t access an article due to a pay wall, let us know and we may be able to send it through to you.

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What the media is saying…

The New York Times2020 is the summer of the road trip. Unless you’re Black.
Snippet: With the country reopening, travel industry experts say people are planning short trips to destinations relatively close to home. By driving they can control the number of people they interact with, how many stops they make on the way and whether to take a detour or not — all things they can’t control on a plane. For many black travelers, however, the road trip has long conjured fear, not freedom.

The Washington Post11 ways the pandemic will change travel
Snippet: Despite covid-19 continuing to claim lives, locations around the world are beginning to open again. More travelers are getting on planes. Airlines are reinstating routes. Countries and states have begun to welcome visitors, despite the remaining risks. For now, travel may look different in a number of ways. People can expect to explore a world of face masks, physical distancing, closed businesses and two-week quarantines.

Lonely PlanetWhy travelers need to rethink their attitude to travel
Snippet: As we adjust to our new reality of social distancing and hand sanitizer on tap, the travel industry has also had to make some major adjustments in order to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from airlines and hotels changing their practices, travellers are going to have to change a lot of their habits and expectations, too.


What experts are saying…

Skift – Don’t Confuse Travel’s Reopening With Recovery: A Long Slog Lies Ahead
Snippet: The big headline across Monday is “New Threats of U.S. Lockdowns as Experts Warn Virus Will Persist.” With the infection numbers rising across lots of states in U.S., and the effects of passing more virus around because of group protests for racial justice and against police brutality still not accounted for, we will continue to see these headlines — and reality — for weeks and months to come, playing havoc with traveler sentiment and confidence to even gingerly start going out there beyond the local regions. A second shutdown is a real possibility in U.S. and is in fact happening in bits and pieces around the world already.

Travel Pulse – Black travel advisors on representation in the travel agent industry
Snippet: Although all travel agents felt the blow of the pandemic, we cannot ignore the fact that African Americans and people of color were the hardest-hit communities in the U.S., a result of systematic racism across various sectors. As destinations re-open, travelers of all backgrounds should support black travel agents by seeking out their services and supporting their business in the years to come. The travel agent industry cannot afford to lose a sector of professionals that are already minimal in number as is.

Agility PRInfluencer marketing is shifting in 2020, with YouTube and TikTok in a power struggle
Snippet: Just as it’s always been, today’s influencer marketing is about hard-wired details like platform domination, number of followers and level of engagement—but now it’s also about less tangible factors like authentic voice and consumer trust. New research from global influencer marketing firm TAKUMI explores the industry’s dynamics with a study of over 2,000 consumers, marketers and influencers across the UK, U.S., and Germany, on their perceptions of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram as influencer marketing channels, and how authenticity and trust are created.

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