May 5: Covid-19 Update

Bannikin | May 5, 2020

First steps forward

Welcome to our seventh media and communications newsletter, designed to help you track travel- and coronavirus-related developments that continue to affect our industry at large.

The past week has given us a glimpse into a reality that we’ve been anticipating for months: what recovery looks like in different countries and regions.

This week, New Zealand and Australia are talking about creating a “travel bubble”, which would benefit both destinations’ economies but still limit their exposure to the rest of the world. The term comes at a time where more and more destinations are beginning to cautiously—or carelessly, depending on whom you ask—reopen and lift restrictions, and are looking for a clear way forward in the face of some pretty dire realities.

The question of what summer will look like as a vacation season is coming front and centre in the media right now, both for Europe as well as North America. For the most part, the jury is still out on a unified reality, especially where the U.S. and Europe is concerned, but that’s not stopping some destinations from already getting creative with outreach.

With enough road in the rearview mirror, some travel brands have begun the process of doing damage control while others feel comfortable adjusting to a “new normal;” many are investing in domestic tourism as the immediate way forward, then there are those who are not taking any chances.

In the absence of true clarity, however, there are still plenty of think pieces exploring how COVID-19 can be an opportunity for touristic rebirth, dissecting the consumer mindset, and questioning the applicability of the newest ideas du jour. Suffice to say, there remain plenty of questions.

Below is our weekly roundup of news, expert insights and food for thought…. If you can’t access an article due to a pay wall, let us know and we may be able to send it through to you.

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What the media is saying…

Fodors – 7 ways travel MUST change after coronavirus
Snippet: While the pandemic has brought the tourism industry to its knees, it also presents a unique opportunity. For the first time, the wheel has stopped spinning. The tourism industry that existed before the pandemic is gone. Now is the chance for destinations and travelers alike to decide if we really want things to go back to how they were before.


Forbes – Obama’s healthcare guru: what it will take for Americans to travel again
Snippet: We don’t yet know what it’s going to take for the public to feel safe. We do know that they don’t feel safe in the current climate… Introducing enhanced cleaning protocols is essentially the bare minimum and not necessarily enough.


Travel Weekly – Destination marketers feel squeeze as funding dries up
Snippet: Recent surveys from MMGY Travel Intelligence and groups like the USTOA and the National Tour Association show DMOs currently are focused almost solely on nonpaid campaigns such as inspirational social media. While many say they hope to resume paid advertising and partnerships in the next few months, when they actually will be able to launch is a bit of a wild card.


What experts are saying…

U.S. Travel AssociationTravel in the new normal: Industry guidance for promoting the health and safety of all travelers

Snippet: …The travel industry—hotels, resorts, airports, airlines, attractions, restaurants, retail, rental cars, meeting venues, event producers, travel advisors, cruise lines, vacation rentals etc.— has come together, working with health and medical experts, to reach collective agreement on a core set of health and safety guidance that the industry may adapt to their businesses. They build upon and align with the White House and CDC evidence-based guidelines for “Opening Up America Again.” This guidance provides our customers with an understanding of the key practices across America’s travel industry.

PhocusWire – Without travel, is there room for influencer marketing?

Snippet: Just because travel restrictions are eased and destinations start opening up again doesn’t mean everyone’s going to be ready to go, and it doesn’t mean locals are going to want travelers there at the moment. It’s not just about what can I do once I’m there, but it’s about how do I get there? What safety precautions am I going to take? That first-person experience that an influencer can provide of what it’s like in this ‘new normal’ is going to help ease [travelers’] fear and anxiety.

Skift – The Coming Future Of Travel, In 100 Questions

Snippet: These are the questions whose answers one way or the other will define how travel moves on from here and what the coming future would look like. These broad lines of enquiry will define our coverage of the global travel recovery in coming months and years.