Bannikin Team Updates: Promotions & Departures

Zach Vanasse | April 18, 2019

Bannikin’s team is growing and changing. In the past few months, Bannikin has been fortunate enough to welcome new clients and expand our team. With this growth, we’ve carefully reviewed our team structure and made adjustments to enhance efficiency and best suit our goals to deliver exceptional results to our destination-, operator- and accommodation-based clients. I’m pleased to present the Bannikin team as:

  • Director & Trade Development (Terrilyn Kunopaski): Terrilyn, our current Trade Development Manager, will take on the additional role of Director for Bannikin HQ. Terrilyn has led teams in the travel industry for the better part of 10 years (in fact she was both Bannikin team members Zach Vanasse and Britney Hope’s manager before they moved to Bannikin!) and has an excellent track record for delivering results and keeping the day-to-day operations of an organization running smoothly. Terrilyn will also continue to prioritize providing the thorough and effective Trade Development services our host of B2B clients expect and require.


  • Managing Director, Destination Development and Asia (Natasha Martin):We are ramping up our Destination Development services. Well-known industry powerhouse and innovator Natasha Martin, who has been working with Bannikin for more than three years on destination development projects including tourism strategies, product refinement for wilderness and adventure destinations; situational analysis and market entry strategies and research; as well as developing our Asia market expertise, will lead our Destination Development and Asia services.


  • Manager, Creative & Marketing (Zach Vanasse): Zach, who has been leading the delivery of Bannikin’s marketing services for the past five years, will be taking on the role of Manager, Creative & Marketing, including an expanded scope of content marketing services for destinations and operators. Zach has the support of our team of storytellers, media relations professionals and former journalists dedicated to deliver on these in-demand services.


  • Manager, Media Relations (Britney Hope): Britney, who is currently one of our stellar Account Managers for Media Relations, is being promoted to the role of Manager, Media Relations, ensuring our growing roster of media relations clients are exceptionally well taken care of, as well as adding new services and projects to further enhance our PR efforts.


  • Account Manager, Media Relations – North American Market (Erin Morawetz): We are so thrilled to have Erin Morawetz, who has recently begun here at Bannikin, as our newest Account Manager for Media Relations services. Erin brings with her years of travel influencer and media relations experience – most recently as the PR and marketing lead for the Women in Travel Summit – that she is already using to elevate our media clients’ storytelling and share it with the wider audience.


  • Account Manager, Media Relations – Asia Market (Choy Teh): Choy will continue to work with our Asia media relations clients, delivering abundant coverage in Bannikin Asia’s high-value travel markets of Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and China’s first-tier cities.


  • Account Coordinator (Megan Honan): At the base of everything we do at Bannikin is our Account Coordinator. Megan Honan provides support to our media relations and marketing team through writing, design and reporting, and to our destination development initiatives by way of research and analysis. Megan also plays a key supporting role to Terrilyn, aiding in Trade Development tasks as necessary.


  • CEO (Jillian Dickens): I will continue to lead the Bannikin company vision, ensuring all the services we provide continue to be of the best quality and generate excellent results for our destination, operator and hotel clients, and provide leadership and support to the stellar line-up of people that make up the Bannikin team. I will also continue to work closely with Natasha and team on regional and international destination development projects, and support Zach and Terrilyn in the ramp-up of content marketing services and other special projects.


For a more detailed look at who’s who, please visit our Who We Are page.

Our team is as always, energized and passionate and looking forward to continued collaboration and connections with you all. If anyone has questions, I’m here to answer!

Best regards,

Jillian Dickens | CEO