Inside Out China – The Power of the Chinese Passport is Increasing

Natasha Martin | June 14, 2018

The top trends from the Asia Adventure Market with 40urs & Bannikin:


1. The Chinese passport becoming increasingly powerful

The Henley Passport Index is a ranking of all the passports of the world according to the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free. China was one of the biggest climbers this year, moving up by  17 points. Chinese passport holders can now enter 70 countries without a visa. This indicates a clear push on behalf of government to remove barriers to Chinese tourists.

Source: Henley Index


2. Chinese travellers are the biggest group to Australia

For the first time ever, the largest group of visitors to Australia is from China (and not their neighbors, New Zealand).

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in April showed there were 1.39 million Chinese visitors in the year ending February 2018, an increase of 13.2 per cent. China has also become Australia’s most valuable inbound tourism market, with visitors spending a record $10.4 billion last year.

Source: Australia China Business Review


3. Air Canada + Air China = LOVE

Air Canada and Air China have signed the first joint venture agreement between a Chinese and North American airline, deepening the two carriers’ longstanding partnership. The two carriers now operate up to a total of 52 trans-Pacific flights per week between Canada and China from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to and from Beijing and Shanghai. Air Canada and Air China have reciprocal agreements for lounges and loyalty programs. No matter how attractive the airline loyalty program, we are pretty sure that safety remains passengers number one concern when choosing an airline!

Source: Pax News


4. What’s more important than safety?

We often hear that safety is a top priority for outbound Chinese travellers but new research from Carlson Wagonlit shows that some things are more important to Chinese business travellers: like points.  The study found that 26% of Chinese travellers would prioritize receiving points to their hotel loyalty program over safety. This despite the fact that many are nervous about safety risks. The top concerns include of an intruder breaking into their room (67%), hotel staff mistakenly giving out the key to their room, fires, terrorist attacks or disruptions by other guests.

Source : Carlson WagonLit


5. Bannikin 40urs China Group is connecting to the leaders of PWC worldwide in travel industry:

Earlier this week, Willde was invited to be the host  of the PwC market immersion in Beijing.  PwC partners from Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Belgium and Germany, Philippines, Kenya, Australia were discussing all things China – including tourism! It was a great dialogue and we hope to continue the conversation in this group and out in various forums!


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