Inside Out China – 145 Million Outbound Chinese Tourists in 2017

Natasha Martin | June 2, 2018

The top trends from the Asia Adventure Market with 40urs & Bannikin:


1. Why do you travel?

J. Walter Thompson has asked Chinese travelers this very question, and has released a new report China Outbound: The New Face of Chinese Global Travel.  They find that the main motivations are journeys of self-discovery, exploring romantic destinations and a desire for ‘surprising experiences.’


2. 145 Million Outbound Chinese Tourists in 2017

COTRI (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute) has released its figures for outbound tourism from China for 2017 and the numbers are staggering. They estimate that 145 million Chinese people took an international trip in 2017. That means that one in every ten international tourists is carrying a Chinese passport!


3. PromPeru Brings Peru to CHINA

PromPeru is bringing a delegation of 15 tour operators on a 3-city road show of China. They will visit the big three: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

In 2017 Peru received over 31,000 Chinese tourists , an increase of 22% over the preceding year, despite the fact that there are no connecting flights between China and Peru. Many outbound Chinese travelers are especially keen to visit Machu Picchu and learn about the Inca culture.

Willde and the 40urs team were recently in Peru’s Amazon and we’ve made four videos to share the experience. Take a look at the videos by clicking this link:

Source:  xinhua 2018.5.18


4. Watch out Uber : Didi Travel busy a big stake in Brazil’s 99 Taxi

DiDi Travel announced their purchase of a large stake in Brazil’s largest ridesharing company ’99 Taxi.’  It is suspected that DidiTravel has regional aspirations with its various transportation services (it currently provides taxi services, train tickets, luxury limousines and shared bikes for over 450 million users). Didi is active in 1000 cities.

Cheng Wei, founder and chief executive of Didi, said that “globalization is a top strategic priority for Didi.

Source:  Love Geek 2018.5.19


5. And the Gold Award Goes to…

The Estonian short-cruise company Tallink! What did they win? The top marks in the Chinese Tourist Welcome category, awarded at ITB Shanghai. The prize is awarded to companies that work to enhance their service towards Chinese customers. Tallink proactively adjusts their product to suit the Chinese consumer by hiring Chinese-speaking hosts on their ships, and ensuring that information on menus, catalogues etc is available in Chinese.


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