Keep Your Travel Brand Alive on Social Media with Live Video

Bannikin | March 29, 2018

Lights, camera, action! Live Video is last but far from least in my series that discusses the top 7 trends your travel company needs to know to win social media, in 2018 and beyond.

Live Video Is Keeping Brands Alive

It’s not breaking news that live videos are earning brands a higher reach than your average video post. The Facebook algorithm favours live videos and will feature them at the top of user’s news feeds as the platform aims to deliver its users what they love.

80% of users said they’d rather watch a live video than read a blog post, and according to Facebook, live video gets 3x more views and 10x more comments during live videos.

This trend is sure to skyrocket more in 2018. And it’s not just Facebook – brands can use the live feature on YouTube LiveTwitterPeriscopeSnapchat, and Instagram Live.

How will live video benefit your travel brand?

People are engaged by the nature of live performances because it feels more authentic. It’s instantaneous, spontaneous, and unedited. As described by Adweek, live video is the Broadway of the tech world.

“When you see a Broadway show, it’s pretty cool to know that you’re watching something real that has not been edited, chopped, spliced, dubbed over or re-taken. You’re getting to see a real actor giving a real live performance that will never quite be the same,” writes Molly St. Louis in Adweek, “It’s the live thing that makes it special. Fans know it’s being done in real-time and without an editor, so it feels very intimate and connective.”

Live video can help your travel brand stand out as more transparent and personable. A good live video quickly engages its audience and creates a two-way connection between the viewer and the brand. Viewers are able to provide instant feedback, that can be responded to in the video and can steer the direction of the content or conversation.

Live video can improve your ROI. Did you know more than 50% of marketing professionals said they have seen the best ROI from live video than any other social media platform?

And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to convert.

The most engaging live videos don’t have to be super innovative or involve extensive production, as long as the content is on brand and personable, while enhancing the customer service experience.

Not sure how to go live? Follow these best practices:

What’s the key message? Decide on the messaging behind your live video and feature content that is engaging but easy to follow so your audience can tune in at any time.

As a destination, tour operator, or lodge the opportunities for engaging content are endless. You can give a behind-the-scenes look of a special event happening in the area like a yearly festival, feature a tour or unique experience like a SUP adventure in the Galapagos, host a Q&A with an expert trip designer, local guide, or a travel influencer, showcase your sales or unique products, announce an exclusive sale, promotion or contest to potential travellers watching your live video.

Make it fun-cational. What’s the best way to reel in an audience live? Be yourself. But similar to most social media content, your audience is tuning in to be entertained and learn something new.

Who’s rocking this?

Travel storytelling giant, National Geographic.

Nat Geo Wild created a Facebook Live series – #SafariLive that lets viewers watch safari experiences from the comfort of their home, like a leopard on a hunt in real time. The series receives a high engagement with thousands of views, comments, and questions answered live – global viewers are hooked.

Keep it simple. Remember users have short attention spans and may only be able to tune into your live video for seconds or minutes at a time. Keep your content simple so audiences can start and stop watching at any time without feeling lost or like they’re missing out. Facebook recommends that live videos go on for at least 10 minutes to reach an audience, but you can stay live for 90 minutes on the platform.

React and interact. Say hello to new viewers as they join in. Respond to questions and comments as they are posted in real time. Don’t be afraid to go off script and be spontaneous. As long as the content being delivered stays on brand and personable – your audience will dig it and are likely to keep watching or tune in next time.

Hype it up. Before you go live, let your audience know where and when you’re streaming live content on your social media channels. Create teasers or catchy descriptions with images about the content you’ll feature. Let users know this is their chance to ask any burning questions and have a conversation with your brand.

Give your live content multiple lives. You can increase the value of the live content and keep it on the map well after you stop hitting record, by creating ads and shorter clips to repost on social media. Facebook live offers a Creator app, a tool to help businesses create, promote, and stream videos.

Who’s has rocked this?

Vacation rental company, Homeaway.

They leveraged a live travel experience that took 4 lucky families to a private apartment on the fourth floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and followed them as they tasted a special meal and watched a famous artist create a family portrait for their stay. Later, Homeaway edited the live video into shorter clips and developed them into Facebook ads to create a global awareness of their brand and drive traffic to their website.

That’s a wrap!

Now that you know the top 7 trends to win social media this year, find out how to elevate your travel brand’s social media strategy with Bannikin here.




[Photo Credit: Facebook Business]