Inside Out China – More Chinese Tourists Are Using Mobile Payment

Natasha Martin | March 23, 2018

The top trends from the Asia Adventure Market with 40urs & Bannikin:


1. Women are the main decision makers when it comes to travel

A new report by announced that 70% women in China are the ones making decision regarding family trips. This includes  the means of transport, where to stay and choice of destinations with an unique preference.

Marketers should specifically consider how to market the women!

Source: 2018.3.7


2. Finland Strategy in China; One to Watch

Visit Finland has partnered with Fliggy (Alibaba’s travel aggregator) to promote trips to see the aurora borealis in Finland. Fliggy allows travelers to book an end-to-end experience, from airport pick up to daily activities, on their platform – it also provides promotion via creative storytelling.

Destinations looking to reach Chinese millennials will most likely find success by partnering with major Chinese platforms, as Finland has done.


3. China’s Ministry of Culture and the National Tourism Administration have merged into the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

On March 13th, the State Council announced of a new round of structural reform proposing the establishment of Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The move is designed to have culture and tourism development be mutually beneficial. 2018.3.13


4. 65% Chinese tourists use mobile payment

According to the latest report by Nielsen and Alipay, 65% of outbound Chinese tourists use mobile payment as compared to a 11% of other nationalities. What are they spending their money on? The top three spending categories were: shopping (25%), accommodation (19%) and food (16%). While non-Chinese tourists spend the most on accommodation (29%) and less on food (18%) and shopping (15%).

Destinations and operators looking to service the Chinese market should be prepared to accept payment via popular apps like Alipay and WeChat.

Source: 2018.3.8


5. Online travel bookings reach 376 million in 2017

A new report on China’s Internet Development released by China Internet Network Information Center shows that by the end of 2017, the amount of online travel bookings reached 376 million.  China’s online travel market is expected to reach more than trillion yuan in 2019.

Source: 2018.3.2


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