Top 5 Reasons Salta is the Ultimate Adventure Tourism Destination

Ashley Bowes | October 4, 2017

Are you heading to Salta? We have some lesser known facts about this year’s ATWS location:

White Water Rafting in Salta, Argentina

1) Prepare for an Adrenaline Rush

Whether you’re into white water rafting, mountain biking, zip lining, bungee jumping or the famous ‘Train to the Clouds’ on the 5th highest railway in the world  – Salta brings the thrills!


Jungles in Salta, Argentina

2) There’s More Than Deserts

This is no mirage – although the desert is a highlight of Salta, it’s also home to the Yungas forest, which forms part of the Andean forest – stretching as far as Bolivia and Peru.



Church in Salta, Argentina

3) A Unique Mix of Cultures

With a distinct blend of Spanish and Indigenous cultures, Salta stands out from most cities in Argentina and the architecture is no exception.


Inca Trail in Salta, Argentina

4) Argentina’s Inca Trail

Looking for an alternative to Peru’s Inca Trail? Argentina’s Camino Inca runs through the Andes, passing by some of Salta’s best gems and attractions.


Good Weather in Salta, Argentina

5) You Can’t Go Wrong with the Weather

The warm and dry climate in Salta means there’s little rain, even during summer months. Winter has pleasant temperatures making adventure tourism enjoyable any time of year.



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